The Best SAT Books and Resources for 2023

1 – Real Practice Tests from The College Board  

First, you should download the SAT practice tests for free from the College Board website. These eight authentic practice tests are the single most important tool for studying. 

If you prefer to have the tests printed in a book, all in one place, you can order the book from from Amazon.

2 – Recommended Books and Resources for Strategy and Content

Once you’ve taken a look at the real practice tests and gone over your mistakes, you’ll want to dive deeper into the content and strategy needed to perform well on the SAT. Theres a lot of trash published in the test prep realm. I can help you stay clear of those publications and point you to the best material.

Best SAT Math Resources 

Best SAT Grammar Resources 

  • The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar. Erica Metzler’s material is the most thorough out there. Her philosophy mirrors mine and I can recommend both her reading and grammar workbooks. The one downside is that her material can be a little dry and dense – you’ll need some time to finish these books. As a tutor, I help students work through the material thats most relevant to them. 
  • Tutor Ted’s Guide to the SAT. This particular book is underestimated on other resource lists. The Grammar section can serve as a fantastic primer to the subject and has very intuitive explanations for what you need to understand on the SAT. 

Best SAT Reading Resources 

  • The Complete Guide to SAT Reading. Again, Erica Metzler’s books are a fantastic resource for the Reading Section. The downsides can be the dry presentation and dense chapters (a little longer than some students can handle).
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