Peter Altman

A parent of a student from Urban School of San Francisco

"David was fantastic. Our son's score went up over 200 points on the SAT. We assumed our son would do well in math, but thought English would be a huge hurdle. David managed to teach him to focus in a strategic way which enabled him to attain a higher score in English than we thought possible. Our son often commented how he thought David was such an excellent teacher. If our son was so impressed, you can believe that we were doubly so. David is also very kind, patient with flaky high-schoolers, and dedicated to his craft."


"David has patience and a really nuanced understanding of how the SAT functions. We worked together on all parts of the SAT, including reading, math, grammar and the essay. I saw visible improvements on all sections with my score starting at 1130 and increasing to a 1380. He comes prepared and teaches a really deep understanding of how the SAT functions. He understands what sections of the test to focus your energy on and will show you where the test duplicates patterns. This is enormously helpful to approach a test that students have no prior practice taking. I cannot recommend David enough."

Finn Conway

A student at Urban School of San Francisco

Kristen Talley

A parent of student accepted into UCSB with scholarship

"Our daugther spoke about the content of the study sessions, so from the parent perspective, I just wanted to add, when it comes to logistics, David is really great. He's very accommodating and flexible when it comes to scheduling. And just such lovely, warm guy - really a pleasure to have around. We recommend him wholeheartedly!"


"I remember David to be very patient, thorough, and encouraging when he tutored me for the SAT and ACT back in high school. His extensive experience with the test prep material spoke volumes and undoubtedly aided in boosting my scores."

Spencer Small

A student at San Francisco University High School that was admitted to Brown University

Tia Small

Parent of student admitted to Brown University

"David was a tutor for my son's preparation for the SAT and ACT tests. David was an excellent tutor, really conscientious, a good communicator and patient. My son did very well on both tests and we couldn't be more pleased with David's contribution to that result."

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