SAT Test Dates for 2022

The SAT dates and registration deadlines have been announced through June 22. I’ll also post the expected dates for the rest of the year. The later dates (after June 22nd) are anticipated, not confirmed, and subject to change. If you expect to take the SAT, I recommend taking a look at these dates and coming up with general game plan. In general, I recommend setting aside at least three months for preparation before taking the test for the first time. A reasonable expectation is to take the test twice. 

Test DateRegistration Deadline Late Registration Online Score Release
March 12, 2022February 11, 2022March 1, 2022March 25, 2022
May 7, 2022April 8, 2022April 26, 2022May 20, 2022
June 4, 2022May 5, 2022May 25, 2022June 17, 2022
August 27, 2022July 29, 2022August 16, 2022September 9, 2022
October 1, 2022September 2, 2022September 20, 2022October 14, 2022
November 5, 2022October 6, 2022October 25, 2022November 18, 2022
December 3, 2022November 4, 2022November 22, 2022December 16, 2022

Picking a Test Date

There a couple things to keep in mind when you plan out the best dates for you. Number one, the college application deadlines are typically January 1st for regular decision and November 1st or 15th for early decision.


The College Board sends SAT scores to schools approximately three to five weeks after the exam. That means you should try to take the SAT at least six weeks (to give yourself a buffer) before your application deadlines. Sometimes you can talk to colleges to work around this, but it’s not a great look to send in scores late. School based scholarships will expect to have your scores in the same time frame as the college applications due dates.


I recommend getting a head start on the SAT preparation. Ideally, that means taking the PSAT and beginning your studies for the SAT during the summer between Sophomore and Junior year, or the fall of Junior year. The summer can be a nice time to ramp up your studies because you’ll likely have fewer responsibilities.


However, everyone will have a unique schedule to work with and you’ll need to decide when you will have the mental capacity and time for test prep. I’m biased, of course, but I think that tutoring can greatly reduce the stress one might feel around the SAT.


QAS Test Dates Are Important 

Last, but not least, try and take the SAT during one of the dates they offer the QAS (Question and Answer booklet for the test). It should be standard to receive test questions along with your answer choices after every test date, but thats not the case. The questions and answers are only offered on March, May, and October. If your taking the SAT for the first time, try and sign up for one of these dates.


Register for the SAT here.

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