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I've been teaching test prep for 15 years and developed a system that consistently guides students to demonstrable score improvements. I'll efficiently help you learn the material you might feel rusty with and teach you all the strategies you need. Nothing is left to chance.

I teach one-on- one or group classes. Group classes are a good option for those who want to save some money or work with someone they know. I'd be happy to answer any of your questions before getting started.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer: it depends. Everyone is different, but I tend to recommend at least 12-20 sessions to see a significant improvement. Another way to think of this: it’s best to spend about 3 months preparing for the test of your choice. That is with a recommended two hours a week of homework. 

Absolutely. I can point you to the most effective resources for self study. I understand that some people do best studying on their own or simply want to brush up on skills before they start tutoring. I’m biased, of course, but I truly believe that an experienced tutor can give you the guidance and structure you need to study most efficiently.  

Here are the averages I expect to see. One can easily improve beyond this but it depends on your starting point, how much time you devote,  and how efficiently you work.

SAT: 175 + points

ACT: 4-6 points

GRE: 8 points

I understand the skepticism people have of online teaching versus in-person learning. However, I’ve carefully honed an online program that is really effective for everyone and people really feel they’ve come away learning everything they needed. I’m confident that online teaching will work great for you: I won’t charge for my first session if you decide not to continue. 

I recommend it, but its not absolutely necessary to get started. A diagnostic test can help us objectively track your progress and gives us some initial intel on areas of strength and weakness. If you decide to take a diagnostic test, it should be from the test maker themselves:



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